Vegan diet should be carefully planned out

The American Dietetic Association has reported that if a vegan diet is carefully planned out, it can have health benefits as well as be nutritionally adequate for those who are eating it. However if careful planning is not done, there can be nutritional deficits of the following nutritional ingredients in the vegan diet. These include Vitamin B12, calcium, iron, Vitamin D, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids.

Deficiencies in the above nutrients can cause some devastating problems health wise. Anemia as well as pernicious anemia, rickets, brittle or soft bones, under active thyroid production which can cause cretinism in children and hypothyroidism in adults. Deficiencies in protein can cause atrophy of muscles and other health issues when the body starts to break down its stores of proteins because the daily intake is not ingested.

Therefore it is very important to those who are on a vegan diet to take the proper vitamins and minerals as supplements to their diets in order to prevent these health problems from occurring. It is also very important that adequate vegetable proteins are consumed in order to meet those daily requirements as well. There are vegan plant based meats that are very rich in protein and you can find best vegan plant based meat online easily. Several vegetable proteins can be combined in order to form complete proteins and give a person on a vegan diet the requirements that the body needs on a daily basis.

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