Snowboard Protective Gear

Good boots are essential for getting the most out of snowboarding. They are the controlling mechanism of the board and must also keep your feet warm and comfortable. There are lots of choices when it comes to snowboard boots, so let’s take a look at how to buy a suitable pair.

First off, don’t try to use traditional ski boots for snowboarding. The design of the boots is different. If you are new to snowboarding and not sure if you will stick with it, renting the gear is a better option. The staff at the rental shop at escuela snowboard Baqueira is going to help you choose the right ones. They are all experienced skiers and know exactly which boots are right.

There are three types of snowboarding boots. Soft boots are suitable for freestyle and freeride snowboarding. Hard boots resemble traditional ski boots but are more flexible in the ankle area. Step-in boots are a hybrid between soft and hard boots. They have the flexible uppers of soft boots and the rigid base of hard boots.

Soft Boots

Soft boots are the most comfortable type of snowboarding boots. They can be worn when walking or even when driving a car. They give the foot a great deal of movement – a necessity when doing freestyle tricks. There are two components to soft boots – the inner boot and the outer boot.

The soft inner boot is padded to protect your feet from injury and to keep them warm. The inner boot usually has laces for adjusting the comfort and support. The outer boot is firmer but still flexible enough to allow ankle movement. It also has laces for providing more support.

There is a wide variation in stiffness and flexibility when it comes to soft boots. Boots designed for freeride offer more support than freestyle boots. They are usually higher on the ankle and have a laced inner boot. Freestyle boots may have a molded inner boot without laces to provide more flexibility.

Hard Boots

These boots look like ski boots – high on the ankle, plastic shells and a buckle attachment system. They also have an inner boot, but the hard outer shell offers more support and greater control over the snowboard. Hard boots are used for racing and alpine snowboarding.

The difference between hard snowboarding boots and ski boots is the flexibility in the ankle area. Hard snowboarding boots have a hinge system that allows the ankle to move from side to side – essential for proper control over the board. These boots are too rigid, however, for freestyle tricks.

Hybrid Boots

Hybrid boots have a rigid sole and a flexible upper. They also have the advantage of being compatible with step-in bindings. Soft boots must use strap bindings which many people find inconvenient, so hybrids are a good choice if you want flexibility and easy-to-use bindings.

As with the other styles of snowboarding boots, hybrids have an inner and an outer boot. Each can be adjusted separately for maximum control over support and comfort. Hybrid boots are suitable for a greater variety of snowboarding styles. They can be used for free ride and alpine, but those primarily interested in freestyle boarding are better off with the greater flexibility of soft boots. Similarly, racers benefit from the greater control that hard boots offer.

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