Dog Hair Care

Your dog’s fur is an incredibly important asset. It will keep them warm in the winter and safe from water all year round.

Unfortunately, some dogs have issues with actually keeping their fur. There are several reasons for this, but not all of them are too serious. Just follow some dog grooming tips to understand how to properly manage your dog’s fur and keep it working all year round.

There are a few things you can do to keep their fur healthy. The most important step lies in their diet. Try to refrain from feeding them people food. Your table scraps are not designed to make them healthy. Make them stick to a well rounded diet and they’ll have a stronger and fuller coat.

The next step is proper brushing. Use an appropriate brush on your dog to help remove little bits of loose fur. You should chose a soft or hard bristled brush depending on your dog’s coat. A good brushing prevents larger tangles from damaging the good hair and running the effectiveness of their coat. Also make sure that you brush your dog’s hair along the grain in order to limit the pain from the brushing. This should even feel good for most dogs.

Take special care around the face though. There are separate issues surrounding your dog’s facial hair. You should actually take the time to trim this when necessary. Just buy a pair of small scissors and carefully trim errant hairs around their face. The areas around their eyes should also be trimmed and washed. Drainage from their eye can buildup and possibly cause an infection. A basic trimming should prevent too many complications though. Or you could just call mobile dog grooming Oviedo FL to let the professionals take care of your dog.

The other thing you must consider is a possible medical problem. If their hair is coming out in large clumps for no apparent reason, you should call the vet and schedule an inspection. They can see whether there’s a medical problem causing the loss. The problem can be a simple one, such as a standard allergy, or it could be a more serious issue such as ringworms or a hormonal disease.

These are all the tips you need to remember about your dog’s hair. You can keep their coat full and healthy with frequent brushing and a good diet. Trimming the hair on their face will prevent other medical issues. If it’s really serious problem, make sure you ask your vet for an opinion.

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